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Get PowerPoint Fix Toolbox and convert the data from corrupted ppt files into new and trouble free documents
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21 July 2013

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This software utility is useful for fixing problems with PowerPoint files.

This software piece is a toolset for fixing corruptions in Microsoft PowerPoint files. It has a small footprint and this small application runs fairly quickly because of that. The interface is simple and leads you through the necessary steps. You will need to select a specific PPT document that you need analyzed. This could be the PPT format or the more recent PPTX. This recovery engine then tries to check the structure of corrupted presentations. You are able to analyze the corrupt files and decompress them from the corrupt PPT/PPTX files. The tool will never connect to any external services or establish any connection for any reason whatsoever. Thus privacy of the data need not to be a concern in operating this tool. The trial is free but this utility is not a free source application.

The developers are quite protective about their code. The only way you could regularize the operation is through a donation to the development team. You could continue free but the only support available will be through the related community. The product comes with an on-line user manual that is useful. Even quicker, is to click on the screen short-cut and be guided by the wizard available. You get started by obtaining the file you want to repair. There are no additional parameters to set, so simply let the application loose on the corrupt file. The analysis of the corruption could take some time. Progress bars are available that let you monitor the progress of the process. This is a very good tool and could be very useful if you deal with presentations heavily.

Publisher's description

PowerPoint Fix Toolbox represents an efficient data recovery solution repairing corrupted presentations of Microsoft PowerPoint format. Do not worry about the damage of ppt and pptx files anymore, there is no need to waste your time and investigate the reason of data corruption, you may easily recover these documents without any efforts of you. The size of PowerPoint Fix Toolbox is very small, it allows proceeding to the recovery of corrupted files immediately after the installation of Microsoft PowerPoint application. Since the installation of PowerPoint Fix Toolbox is completed in several seconds, you may quickly start the processing of ppt and pptx files by clicking the shortcut of PowerPoint fix application. Please look through the online user guide before the first start of PowerPoint Fix Toolbox and take a closer look at how it works. In the same time, you may simply click the shortcut of PowerPoint fix tool to continue and follow the directions of selected data recovery program, it is so easy that you may successfully get your data back without additional explanations. During the first stage of ppt recovery process you should call the file selection dialog and find a document of Microsoft PowerPoint format to be processed, it should not take a lot of time if the location of input document is known, otherwise you may use the in-built Windows search engine and find the file you need. As you see, additional settings and extra parameters are absent therefore you may use the Analyze button and start the processing of selected document, there is no need to modify the settings of presentation recovery engine. This software provides the same efficiency on all computers but it is natural that PowerPoint Fix Toolbox works faster on newer computers. Anyway you cannot influence the speed of analysis except installing this tool on another PC therefore you may get some rest during the parsing of selected document and look through the status bar of ppt recovery.
PowerPoint Fix Toolbox
PowerPoint Fix Toolbox
Version 2.2.1
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